The Guide to Monitorships - Edition 2

The Guide to Monitorships - Edition 2

Pages: 255

ISBN: 978-1-83862-270-1

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Since WorldCom, the United States Department of Justice and other agencies have imposed more than 80 monitorships on a variety of companies, including some of the world’s best-known names. The terms of these monitorships and the industries in which they have been employed vary widely. Yet many of the legal issues they raise are the same. To date, there has been no in-depth work that examines them.

GIR's The Guide to Monitorships fills that gap. Written by contributors with first-hand experience of working with or as monitors, it discusses all the key issues, from every stakeholder’s perspective, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in understanding or practising in the area.



Anthony S Barkow and Michael W Ross

Part I: An Overview of Monitorships

  • Changing Corporate Culture
    Neil M Barofsky, Matthew D Cipolla and Erin R Schrantz
  • The Life Cycle of a Monitorship
    Thomas J Perrelli
  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    Nicholas S Goldin and Joshua A Levine
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission
    Ashley Baynham and Rachel Wolkinson
  • When to Appoint a Monitor
    Bart M Schwartz

Part II: Experts’ Perspectives

  • An Academic Perspective
    Mihailis E Diamantis
  • An In-House Perspective
    Jeffrey A Taylor
  • A Forensic Perspective: Testing and Verification of the Assertions Made Within Settlement Agreements
    Loren Friedman, Thomas Cooper and Nicole Sliger

Part III: International and Cross-Border Monitorships

  • Monitorships in East Asia
    Jason J Kang, Daniel S Lee, Nan Wang, Ryan Middlemas and Hangil Lee
  • Switzerland-Ordered Monitorships
    Simone Nadelhofer and Daniel Lucien Bühr
  • Monitorships in the United Kingdom
    Judith Seddon, Chris Stott and Andris Ivanovs
  • US-Ordered Cross-Border Monitorships
    Gil M Soffer, Nicola Bunick and Johnjerica Hodge

Part IV: Sectors and Industries

  • The Healthcare Industry
    David W Ogden, Ronald C Machen, Stephen A Jonas, Ericka Aiken and
  • James D Barton
  • The Financial Services Industry
    Günter Degitz and Rich Kando
  • Energy and the Environment
    Mark Filip, Brigham Cannon and Nicolas Thompson
  • Unions
    Glen G McGorty and Lisa Umans
  • Consumer-Relief Funds
    Michael J Bresnick
  • Sanctions Monitorships
    Ellen S Zimiles, Patrick J McArdle, Steven McCarthy and Jeremy Robb
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Controlled Substances Act – A Distinct Breed of Monitorship
    Jodi Avergun, Todd Blanche and Christian Larson
  • Leveraging Forensic Accountants
    Frances McLeod, Emma Hodges, Neil Goradia, Jenna Voss and Samantha Hsu

Part V: Key Issues

  • Privilege and Confidentiality
    Daniel W Levy and Doreen Klein
  • Judicial Scrutiny of DPAs and NPAs
    John Gleeson

Anthony S Barkow, Neil M Barofsky and Thomas J Perrelli

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