GIR September 2017

GIR September 2017

Pages: 64

ISBN: 2055-0502

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In this issue of the GIR magazine, we reveal the best and brightest in our young investigations bar with the second 40 Under 40 Survey. We wanted to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming individuals who don’t always get the kind of recognition that their more established peers do but while the idea behind the survey is simple, choosing the final list was far from easy.

After our first trip to Canada since 2015, we present the results of our travels with a revamped Investigator’s Guide to the country, a new and improved bar survey, and an overview of the best investigations practitioners in a market that continues to be dominated by big national firms and a number of smaller criminal law boutiques.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we publish part 1 of a three-part GIR Just Anti-Corruption investigation into the Three Percent Fund, an alternative funding source for the US Department of Justice created by US Congress in 1994. We highlight how the fund has morphed into an irresistibly sweet honeypot for the often resource-poor Justice Department, and which investigations received cash injections over the years.

In this issue: 

  • The 40 Under 40 Survey
  • The Three Per Cent Fund
  • Canada Bar Survey
  • Canada Investigator’s Guide
  • An interview with RCMP superintendent Denis Desnoyers
  • Justice Department leverage in multinational settlements
  • Future of Økokrim
  • Fifa: The Garcia report
  • Singapore: privilege of hacked emails
  • France: US plea agreement violates Human Rights
  • People News

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