GIR July 2017

Pages: 48

ISBN: 2055-0502

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In this issue of GIR, we publish the roundups of two of our conferences: London and San Francisco.

In April, a debate that took place at GIR Live London in which leading London practitioners and Alun Milford, the SFO’s general counsel, asked whether DPAs are now the new normal in the UK hot on the heels of the UK’s surprise general election vote.

Similarly in San Francisco, much talk centred around the future direction of US Department of Justice under the Trump administration as well as the still-raging Petrobras scandal in Brazil.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we feature a piece about whether the UK has got it right over whistleblowing in the wake of a review by the Banking Standards Board which found that a third of employees in the banking sector would think twice before blowing the whistle.

In this issue: 

  • GIR Live London
    • DPA’s – The New Normal?
    • Lawyers criticise UK plans to expand corporate criminal liability
    • Milford: cooperation means more than “going through the motions”
  • Friends and benefits: US Supreme Court clarifies how insider trading liability under US law differs from UK law
  • Should Canada follow the UK or US DPA model?
  • A shifting landscape of privilege in internal investigations (Germany, US and UK)
  • GIR Live San Francisco
    • Juniper Networks compliance chief: I hope DOJ “preserves in-house perspective”
    • Assume you’re being watched
    • Petrobras prosecutor warns of conflicts of interest at Brazilian government agencies
  • Whistleblowing: has the UK got it right?
  • People News

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