GIR December 2015

Pages: 48

ISBN: 2055-0502

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For this issue, GIR had a look around its own backyard – London – in search of answers to UK enforcement-related questions that are keeping lawyers up at night. In the UK Investigator’s Guide we find out more about how companies should organise internal investigations, what is expected – and sometimes demanded – from witness interviews, and how to handle privilege claims. Meanwhile, GIR also investigated the local investigators and presents an overview of the firms and lawyers clients should know in an hour of need.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we continue our coverage of GIR Live New York, where a select group of panellists discussed investigations in China – the country where almost 50 per cent of all FCPA enforcement actions originate.

GIR also visited Brazil and spoke to Deltan Dallagnol, the lead prosecutor in Brazil’s sprawling corruption investigation Operation Car Wash, about the possibilities of cooperating with Brazil’s main administrative anti-corruption authority, the Office of the Comptroller General, and the difficulties of prosecuting individuals in Brazil’s flawed judicial system.

In this magazine:

  • Interview: Alun Milford, SFO - how we work with the NCA on foreign bribery cases
  • United Kingdom: 
    • Investigations Bar
    • Investigator’s Guide
  • Interview: Declan Dallagnol – Operation Car Wash
  • GIR Live New York: 
    • Investigations in China roundtable
  • People News

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