GIR 100 2018

GIR 100 2018

Pages: 148

ISBN: 2055-0502

  • £700.00

A guide to the world's leading firms for corporate investigations

The GIR 100 is an annual guide to the world’s leading cross-border investigations practices. Based on extensive research, we have selected 100 firms from around the world able to handle sophisticated cross-border government-led and internal investigations.

For corporate counsel, knowing which firms to turn to during a crisis – sometimes at a moment’s notice – is of the utmost importance. In the most extreme cases, getting the right external counsel can mean the difference between sinking and swimming for a company under government scrutiny.

We invited firms across the world to make a GIR 100 submission to Global Investigations Review. To do so, each firm was asked to complete a detailed questionnaire on its investigations and white-collar crime practice. Our conclusions are based largely upon submissions we received and from the dozens of phone calls and meetings we have carried out with partners from the firms we list.

We’re confident that each firm appearing in this guide – whether it’s a multinational law firm with an army of investigations specialists, or a regional firm whose lawyers know the local legal terrain inside out – has substantial experience in handling corporate internal investigations and government-led investigations. And, accordingly, each has earned the trust of its clients, of other law firms and, importantly, of the government agencies in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Please note – PDF versions of the GIR 100 will contain: 

  • GIR 100 Front cover
  • Introduction and Methodology
  • Your firm’s inclusion in the survey
  • The GIR 30 chapter (only for Top 30 firms)

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