GIR December 2014

Pages: 64

ISBN: 2055-0502

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How do you negotiate with officials who have a nuclear option at their disposal – debarment or something similar? What do you do when officials from different jurisdictions make diametrically opposed – or starkly incompatible – demands? Is it possible to stop becoming the centre of a feeding frenzy featuring multiple agencies?

In “Judgement Calls and Grey Areas: the Art of the Impossible” we present in full the discussion that took place at GIR Live New York: in it, five leading investigations specialists grapple with the thorniest issued faced by lawyers in this field today.

Elsewhere in this issue, investigators and prosecutors from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) tell GIR that owing to an inflexible case review system, the SEC is failing to drop weak cases – even when the facts suggest cases are close to unwinnable.

In this magazine:

  • Interview: Mark Seward, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission
  • SEC: Under Pressure
  • Interview: Joe Warin – gift giving in China, FCPA Inc and defending Joseph Cassano
  • Judgement Calls and Grey Areas – Part I: The Art of the Impossible
  • Latin Lawyer/GIR Live roundup: 
    • Whistle-blower programmes continue to face cultural barriers
    • CGU: We will rectify flaws in Brazil’s Clean Company Act
    • DOJ expects more cooperation between US and Latin American enforcers
    • Investigations: Find it, fix it, rectify it… report it?
  • New York: 
    • Investigator’s Guide
  • Strategies for navigating joint antitrust division and criminal division investigations
  • Compliance monitors: expensive, intrusive, and American?
  • Brexit: what impact will it have on investigations?
  • Avoiding loss in translation: preserving privilege in international investigations
  • People News

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