GIR April 2016

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Operation Car Wash, the enormous corruption investigation now battering Brazil, arose from humble beginnings. The original bad guys were a couple of low-level crooks using a petrol station – and former car wash – to launder the proceeds of off-the-hooks currency trading.

Since then, the case has exploded. It has ensnared companies across the world. At least 28 other countries are looking into the matter, some via formal criminal investigations. As this magazine goes to press, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff – a former Petrobras executive – and her predecessor appear perilously close to being brought down by the scandal.

At GIR Live DC in February, prosecutor Paulo Roberto Galvão de Carvalho gave us an insider’s view of how Operation Car Wash developed and the legal roadblocks that Brazilian prosecutors are facing. In this edition, we present a transcript of Galvão’s account as well as a panel debate exploring the international consequences of the Petrobras scandal.

In this issue:

  • French tax case highlights double jeopardy limitations
  • DOJ appoints Simpson Thacher partner as Avon monitor
  • EU-US Privacy Shield agreement a step in the right direction
  • The reach of 20th century UK anti-corruption legislation
  • GIR Live DC:
    • Weissmann: Fraud Section will work to ‘fast-track’ self-reported FCPA cases
    • Weissmann speech and Q&A
    • DOJ to expedite self-disclosure cases
    • Fraud section deputy: Yates Memo won’t lead to marginal cases
  • Operation Car Wash: 
    • Inside the Car Wash
    • Prosecutors to clamp down on press leaks
    • Petrobras: A new paradigm for global enforcement risk
  • France: Total corruption ruling
  • Before you leap: Iran sanctions
  • People news


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