GIR's Practitioner's Guide to Global Investigations, 1st edition

Pages: 780

ISBN: 978-1-910813-95-9

  • £250.00

"The only guide that covers what to do at every stage during the lifecycle of a corporate investigation – from discovery of the initial problem to conclusion and beyond", David Samuels, Publisher, Global Investigations Review

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As cross-border cooperation between regulators and investigators rises to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive global market place, corporations and executives doing business internationally face an ever growing risk of encountering a global investigation.

The Practitioner's Guide to Global Investigations is a unique publication gathering for the first time practical advice and guidance from leading practitioners from around the world who routinely meet the challenges presented by cross-border investigations.

This publication is the essential practical guide for external and in house legal counsel, compliance officers and accounting practitioners who wish to benchmark their own practice against that of leaders in the field. The insights contained within the publication are applicable to global investigations in any sector and in particular to those with a high risk of bribery, corruption and fraud.

The book is divided into two parts. With a specific focus on US and UK practice and procedure, Part 1 of the guide tracks the development of a serious allegation (whether internal or external) through its stages of development, while considering the opportunities for resolution and the key risks and challenges as matters progress. It includes expert insight into fact gathering, document preservation and collection, witness interviews, and the complexities of cross-border privilege issues, in addition to successful strategy in resolving cross-border probes and managing corporate reputation. Part 2 of the guide features detailed comparable surveys of the relevant law and practice in 12 jurisdictions..

Edited by Judith Seddon of Clifford Chance, Eleanor Davison of Fountain Court Chambers, Christopher Morvillo of Clifford Chance, Michael Bowes QC of Outer Temple Chambers and Luke Tolaini of Clifford Chance.

Published November 2016


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