GIR's Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations, 4th Edition - Volumes I & II

Pages: 1660

ISBN: 978-1-83862-228-2

  • £295.00

GIR publishes the fourth edition of its practical guide for external and in-house counsel, compliance officers and accounting practitioners. Chapters are authored by leading practitioners from around the world and made available to GIR’s readers free to view and download.

Indexed and with comprehensive cross-referencing, this two-volume hardback features tables of cases and legislation and is available in our shop or as part of a GIR subscription.

New for the fourth edition

In this fourth edition, we have revised extant chapters to keep up with recent developments. To reflect an increased prosecutorial focus on individual accountability and on tone at the top, we have added US and UK chapters on the duties of directors to Volume I, outlining quite divergent corporate governance models. The questionnaire for Volume II authors has been extensively revised and reviewed by the editors and GIR staff. New questions zero in on the growing importance of technology in carrying out and investigating misconduct. There are also questions on economic sanctions, an area of heightened enforcement activity, which GIR has responded to this year with the launch of Just Sanctions ( Volume II also carries regional overviews giving insight into cultural issues and regional coordination by authorities. Volume II covers 25 jurisdictions, increasing the global coverage, particularly in South America, which continues to rake over recent corruption scandals.


Part I

  • Global Investigations in the United Kingdom and the United States

Part II

  • Global Investigations around the World

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