GIR October 2015

Pages: 64

ISBN: 2055-0502

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In October, Ohio senator Sherrod Brown was revealed to have written to more than a dozen banks asking for details of every settlement they’ve entered into with US federal enforcement agencies since 2005. The aim of Brown’s missive is yet to be clarified, although the consensus is that the committee wants to find out whether such settlements have successfully deterred recidivism in the banking sector.

Therefore, some readers may be surprised to learn that in attorney’s offices across the United States, prosecutors have been allowing companies to enter into secret DPAs and NPAs. Meanwhile, in other cases, prosecutors have simply lost the documents. In this issue, GIR finds out what’s going on.

In this issue:

  • Under the Radar: the DOJ’s secret settlements
  • DOJ compliance counsel identity revealed
  • Yates Memo: 
    • Interview: Leslie Caldwell
    • What impact will the Yates Memo have on corporate investigations roundtable
  • GIR Live New York:          
    • Caldwell: Yates Memo addresses inconsistencies in approach to prosecuting individuals
    • Yates Memo risks unfair charges against individuals
    • Transferring data from China to Hong Kong is too risky
  • Amendments to China’s criminal code show appetite for prosecuting supply-side bribery
  • Petrobras bribery investigation counsel list
  • DPA corporate monitorships in the UK
  • France: 
    • Interview: Éliane Houlette – France’s “super prosecutor”
    • Investigator’s Guide
    • Investigations Bar
  • On the QT: Keeping German settlements out of the press
  • Privilege protection for internal investigations: lessons from KBR I & II
  • SFO secures Tom Hayes Libor manipulation conviction
  • People News

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