GIR October 2014

Pages: 56

ISBN: 2055-0502

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Cooperation between international enforcement agencies and prosecutors investigating white-collar crime is at an all-time high, and looks set to continue on an upward trajectory. But it hasn’t always been that way – it wasn’t long ago that cross-border cooperation amounted to little more than a mutual legal assistance treaty request and a six-month wait.

But a sea change in international cooperation began in the Siemens bribery and corruption case beginning in 2006, with US enforcers working closely with their counterparts in Munich to investigate the German conglomerate and ultimately forge a simultaneous settlement – in just two years.

In this issue we profile the investigation in depth in our new “Debrief” section, following extensive interviews with Bruce Yannett at Debevoise, Klaus Moosmayer at Siemens, and Scott Muller, Angela Burgess and John Banes at Davis Polk & Wardwell.

Also in this edition:

  • Interview: Marshall Miller – enforcement priorities, individual culpability and the cost of investigations
  • GIR Live New York: 
    • Expose and provide evidence on culpable individuals, DoJ official says
    • Balancing enforcer demands is an art, not a science
    • China – the new frontier of enforcement
  • GIR Sanctions Roundtable
  • Financial services investigations: the here and now, and how to prepare for the future
  • FCPA Compliance Defence: What can the US learn from the UK?
  • Walmart: A reminder that privilege in investigations is fragile
  • Jorge Hage: convincing companies to cooperate
  • People News

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