GIR February 2016

Pages: 48

ISBN: 2055-0502

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In 2014, forensic investigator Christian Böhler was booted off an investigation into Austria’s Hypo Bank that he’d been leading for years. Was it because he’d unearthed evidence that the bank’s new management were up to no good? Or was it down to Böhler’s connections to a centre-left political party and the fact that he’d launched his own investigative agency on the side?

In this issue, GIR follows Böhler’s first encounter with the case to the present day, as he and others push for Hypo to act on internal investigations reports that highlighted numerous continuing problems at the bank.

Elsewhere in the magazine, ‘Investigations in 2016: what lies ahead’ takes a look at what matters investigations specialists around the world should have on their radar in the coming year, from Operation Car Wash to mounting pressure on the Australian government to prosecute foreign bribery cases.

In this magazine:

  • Avoiding data protection pitfalls: Spotlight on cross-border investigations
  • Hypo Bank: Decline and Fall
  • UK’s first DPA supports SFO stance on internal investigations
  • World Bank investigators are a company’s “worst nightmare”
  • Chinese Wall – Bank of China’s dilemma
  • Investigations in 2016: what lies ahead?
  • Operation Car Wash: Are there conflicts ahead as lawyers clean up?
  • Interview - Ben Morgan, UK SFO: Asking US about foreign bribery fines is the “new norm”
  • Interview - Julie Read, New Zealand SFO: we must improve cooperation to reduce investigation costs
  • Your employees’ private messages: are they now fair game?
  • DOJ probes Sullivan & Cromwell and Slaughters’ Standard Chartered advice
  • People News

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