GIR April 2015

Pages: 64

ISBN: 2055-0502

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In this ‘Women in Investigations’ special issue, we hope to contribute, in a modest way, to the recognition of women’s achievements in the world of law.

A recent law firm survey by PwC found that while at the lower end of the hierarchy women slightly outnumber men, at the partnership level the numbers fall right off: just 17% of partners are female in the top 10 US firms. At this year’s ABA White-Collar Crime conference in New Orleans, panellists at a session focusing on women lawyers described the ‘unconscious bias’ in law firms.

Here we profile 100 women in investigations. This is not a ranking, although we certainly think that the women we’ve selected are among the very best. What is true of all of them, however, is that they are achieving great things in a competitive and notoriously tough area of law.

Also in this issue:

  • US work-product and privilege protections under renewed scrutiny
  • The impact of Fokker on US DPAs
  • Goodyear FCPA resolution a “roadmap” for cooperation
  • ‘Pursue, Prevent, Protect, Prepare’: The UK Anti-Corruption Plan
  • UK POCA jurisdiction in cases of money laundering committed abroad
  • The Due Process Guide
  • ABA White Collar Crime conference: 
    • Caldwell: More declinations, fewer DPAs, tougher NPAs.
    • Patrick Stokes, DoJ: How to distinguish yourself
    • DOJ official; sometimes it’s ok not to self-report
    • Virginia prosecutors “flipped” Switzerland’s view of tax evasion
  • People News

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